In the past few years the idea of virtual reality coming to reality has caught the attention of many people. The idea of  actually seeing and experiencing anything you desire seems impossible to make come true, but it has been in development in the past few years and is almost completed. In the past few years  a company called Oculus has become interested in making virtual reality possible with the use of headsets. They created a product called Oculus Rift, a headset used to allow their users the ability to make their thoughts and dreams a reality. Technology is always improving and the ideas are being transformed into devices that allow individuals to do what they want. Virtual reality headsets are becoming increasingly popular in the wearables market segment, such as the apple watch, focusing on entertaining and the daily engagement aspects for each individual. The concept of virtual reality will continue to grow as technology improves, allowing the price to decrease making it more available to the general population at a reasonable price. Eventually the trend for virtual reality headsets will become the norm in the United States and other foreign countries.

In 2014 the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg saw the potential of how amazing Oculus Rift could be, and so he purchased the Oculus Virtual Reality company for 2.2 billion dollars (Shalvey, 2014). Mark Zuckerberg believed that this was not just a gaming device, it was the future for mainstream communication and media (Shalvey, 2014). It was reported that 75,000 developers have payed $350 each a week after Oculus introduced a development kit for software makers (Shalvey, 2014). Prototypes of the Oculus Rift headset are reported to look like goggles that cover your eyes, and will be similar to what Sony and Google are developing (Shalvey, 2014).

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